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We offer transparent and competitive service pricing to suit any business size and budget, from basic tax and accounting to strategic financial guidance. We will also tailor a custom service package to meet your unique needs.

On-Boarding – Setup Fee $150

New client engagements begin with an On-Boarding process. The extent of this process is custom-tailored to each organization’s specific needs. During On-Boarding, Clear Accounting Bookkeeping experts will gain familiarity with, assess, and recommend clean-up of your accounts and systems to the extent necessary to serve you effectively.

Business Packages

Choose one of the following small business packages to meet your current and ongoing needs for reliable and predictable accounting and finance activities. 

Packages do not include Annual Federal Tax Return Services

Profit Package


/ month

This is for the company that is done messing around and ready to make a profit. Your dedicated Profit First consultant will be working with you in a very intimate way to ensure that your business is profitable month after month. If you follow our methods, we guarantee you can stock money away in your bank account.

Update Online Accounting Software File

Reconcile 5 (Bank or Credit Card) Accounts a Month (500 transactions or less)

Payroll for up to 50 Employees and/or Contractors

Annual Payroll Documents (W2/W3 and 1099/1096)

Monthly Financial Statements, Custom Reports, and Quarterly Expense Analysis Report

 Monthly/Quarterly State Business Tax Filings

(B&O, Other Municipality Tax Agencies, and Retail)

Profit First Assessment with Rollout Plan ($1500 value)

Quarterly Individual Profit First Coaching

Monthly Financial Consulting

(in the months without Quarterly Profit First Coaching sessions)

Annual Depreciation Update

Insight Package 


/ month

This package is everything you get in our Clear package PLUS essential items for understanding the financial health of your business. Added value items such as quarterly coaching, Profit First assessment with roll-out plan, and monthly CUSTOM reports built for your business make this the most bang for your buck!

Update Online Accounting Software File

Reconcile 5 Accounts a Month (250 transactions or less)

Payroll for up to 10 Employees and/or Contractors

Annual Payroll Documents (W2/W3 and 1099/1096)

Monthly Financial Statements and Custom Reports

Monthly/Quarterly State Business Tax Filings

(B&O and Other Municipality Tax Agencies)

Profit First Assessment with Rollout Plan ($1500 value)

Quarterly Profit First Coaching Pod Session

Quarterly Financial Consulting 

Annual Depreciation Update

Clear Package


/ month

This package is the clear choice for your bookkeeping needs. This is perfect for the business that is financially thriving and needs monthly maintenance of their books.

Update Online Accounting Software File

Reconcile 2 Accounts a Month (100 transactions or less)

Payroll for up to 3 Employees or Contractors

Annual Payroll Documents (W2/W3 or 1099/1096) 

Monthly Financial Statements

(P&L and Balance Sheet)

Monthly/Quarterly State Business Tax Filings





Annual Depreciation Update


Packages Do Not Include the Cost of Annual Federal Tax Filing

Clear Accounting Agrees to Respond to Communications within 3 Business Days

Any requested services outside of your package can be delivered at a reduced project rate of $75/hr

Payroll Packages

Full Service Payroll


/ month

to start

1+ FTE – $75

10+ FTE - $150

50+ FTE - $300

Recommend direct deposit of paychecks, if not, the business owner writes checks.

Includes Payroll Tax Reporting

Payroll Tax Reporting


/ quarter

Quarterly tax reporting to agencies

Client runs payroll

Includes up to 10 employees – W2/W3 annually (all packages include)


Business Tax Service Package

Business Tax Service


/ month

Client provides financial information

Price is per agency

A La Carte Service Pricing

Business Services

Initial Consultation - Free!

Small Business Accounting - $95/hour

Cash Flow Management - $150/hour

Business Valuation - $150/hour

Strategic Business Planning - $150/hour

New Business Formation - $150/hour

Profit First Consulting Package
client meeting, profit first
methodology, and tools - $150/m

Tax Services

Tax Preparation - $150/hour

Tax Planning - $150/hour

Non-Filed Tax Returns - $150/hour

Back Taxes Owed - $150/hour

Payroll Tax Problems - $150/hour

IRS Wage Garnishment - $150/hour

IRS Payment Plan - $150/hour

Get Your IRS FIle - $150/hour

QuickBooks Services

QuickBooks Setup - $95/hour

QuickBooks Training - $150/hour

Quick Answers - $20/question

Quick Tune-up - $395


Tax Preparation Fees

Personal Returns

Form 1040 (Including Schedule A, B, L) $329

Schedule C (each)  $259

Schedule D (first 5 transactions) - $39

Excess of 5 Transactions (each) - $5

Schedule E: Supplemental Income (first rental) - $199

Additional Rentals (each) - $75

Schedule F (each) - $149

Form 6252: Installment Sale (1st Year)  - $50

Form 1040-NR - $329

Business Returns

Form 1120

Corporation (Minimum) - $659

Form 1120S
S-Corporation (Minimum) - $739

Form 1065

Partnership (Minimum) - $639

Form 706, 709, 1041
Estate, Gift Fiduciary (Minimum) - $250

Form 990
Tax Exempt Organization (Minimum) - $550

Form 990 Postcard - $125

Other Tax Forms

Extension of Time to File - $41

Installment Agreement Request - $25

Form 1045
Application for Tenative Refund - $150

Amended Returns (fee for additional forms may apply) - $150

W-4 Computation - $25

Forms 1040/540 ES

Estimated Tax - $50 

Form 4506
Request for Copy of Tax Return - $25 

Form 4506-T
Request for Transcript - $25